Monday, April 30, 2007

Why I like animals more

I grew up with animals. Normally a few cats and at least one dog. My brother had a black cat, named Battle Cat. Yes. My brother was very young when we got him. We also had his sister, a three legged cat named TC.

When we were very young the dogs across the road killed TC. Battle was shattered. He began to pine badly and went into decline.

After a few weeks my Dad managed to get a hold of another cat, to be my very first (though nobody EVER owned that bitch). A half starved stray. Brendy. She stayed because we fed her and it was safe. She never tamed, though in her old age she did like to sit on mums lap.

Battle and Brendy bonded straight away. I tried to find a b-word for 'straight away' but I don't really have the time. Would have been cool though. Can I make bimmediately a word?

They used to sleep on top of the dog kennels together. Sometimes Battle would sleep inside it, and Brendy on top. But they were always in close proximity.

When Battle was very old and decrepit (about 12, maybe more) he couldn't hunt any more. Which was a damn shame, because he was a farm cat and he liked his fresh meat.

One winter night Brendy was hanging around the door, waiting to come in. Someone said not to let her in because she had a mouse. About 10 minutes later I checked to see if she was still there, and if she had the mouse. I couldn't see it in her mouth, so I let her in.

She had the mouse.

I made a grab at her but she eluded me. I made another grab and I got her. But by this stage she had dropped said mouse.

Right at Battle Cat's feet.

She caught this mouse, bought it back to the house and waited around, for at least 10 minutes, in the cold, for someone to open the door. Just so she could give him a mouse.

Whoever says that animals aren't compassionate have no experience with them. People would be put off by all the hard work involved in catching, carrying and waiting. But not the cat. And she was a real bitch.


mist1 said...

Battle Cat is a great name. I fell out of love with a guy with a cat named Wild Cat. He always had a disgusting abscess (the guy, not the cat).

Chuck said...

I agree. Animals are great. They have a knack for knowing you are down and either do something silly or come up and snuggle with you.

And to think that I wasn't a cat person 6 years ago. Now I can't imagine life without them.


Princess of the Universe said...

That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard!
I hope to have a boy one day who will bring me dead mice :P

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, cats like to show their owners how proud they are to have made such a catch.

redcap said...

Now that could be the definition of true love. A friend's extremely law-abiding mother says, "Could you go stealing with him?" but I think, "Would he bring you a mouse?" is a way better test.

Mel said...

That's beautiful. I used to get shitty with my dog when he left dead mice at the back door until someone told me that he was leaving them as a present for me. Still gross but with a sweet sentiment.

phishez_rule said...

Mist - I'd never date a guy who... I can't finish that. I don't date

Chuck - you're a better person for it

Princess - every girl wants her mice dead. Unless you want them alive.

Redcap - Would he bring you a DEAD mouse in his MOUTH?

Mel - Be grateful it was only mice. You are talking about a creature that rolls in poo.