Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BigBig News

To my American Friend, who dropped by at 10:41 pm on 28 August, from my profile.

You are my 10,000th visitor since I changed my template back in late May. Just over 15,500 page views.

Congratulations to me. I personally think you're very strange. Why do people read my drivel?

I'm so tired. Last night I got to bed at about 1 am. Same the night before. I haven't been cruising many blogs lately. Last night I had 100+ blogs in google reader to get to. I read maybe three... Now I'd have over 150. I'd hate to see how many I'd have if I went away for a week.

Please forgive my tardiness. Its always like this on dance nights. I'll be around to visit you all in the coming days. I don't backread all of your posts. I want to, but its a matter of time. If there's anything you think I should read, drop me a line. My email is over there, under my profile.

I still haven't done my job application. My bad.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations to your American visitor.

Greater and grander congratulations to you, Phish!

Please be reminded: sleep and self-care come before blog visits. That’s the nature of life.

honkeie2 said...

If I had all the time in the world I would probably waste it in blogsphere hahaha

Anonymous said...

YAY! That is a lot of visitors! I hear ya on the blog back log thing. i have a few I keep up to date with... but most just get hit and miss. My bloglines is ridiculously stocked with stuff to read. :-P

Mummy B said...

Congrats on your 10,000th visitor Phish! :)

I find your drivel terribly interesting by the way! I hope your getting a good night's sleep as I type this :)

Oh and I love your new profile pic, beautiful!

Webmiztris said...

is so daunting when Google Reader is at 100+ posts; isn't it? lol It almost feels like a chore to have to catch up with that many posts! I don't backread either....I just don't have the time!

Jenny! said...

Congrats to the unknown visitor!

If you disappear for a while its so overwhelming coming back!

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

It wasn't me. I'm jealous. Maybe I can be 15,000th.

I love the way you write. Please keep it up. You can start with your job application.
~cracks whip~

itelli said...

Phew... I am in the same state, i guess ur counter has told u that. Thank God there's only two new posts from u... On the other hand I am glad I haven't contributed to ur GReader-stress by not posting. It will be some time before I do, so one blog less for u to read.

Congrats on ur visits.

p.s. Do the application.

Anonymous said...

WOW! good on ya Phish, that is one hell of a lot of writing.

Lord Chimmy said...

Could've been me. But, I didn't leave a comment.

The nice thing about blogging is you're under no obligation to read or write blogs. I just view them as "a day in the life of __________." Who needs a backstory? Not me. I like the instant entertainment value.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Google reader? You kids and your high-tech gadgets!

phishez_rule said...

Nick - sleep is overrated

Honk - me too. But its so big, I'd get lost

Kelly - I still haven't been through it. I must have over 250 blogs to read.

Mummy - I was still awake as you were typing.

Miztris - I backread when there's a story I need to follow.

Jenny - I still haven't been through it. I must have over 250 blogs to read.

Ima - I've got a few weeks still. But I want it in at least a week before closing.

Itelli - I'll get on it right away.

Betty - I'm coming up to my 400th post too.

Chimmy - it could be. They didn't click out to comment.

bug - if they save us time they're great!

Miss Smack said...

WHoo hoo! Where are they from in the States? Congrats on 10k ! That's ALOT Of clicking!

Scorpy said...

I've got a job application to complete also...but I'm in two minds if I really want to r=try for it...I hate the rejection if I don't get it but it is worth heaps of money!!!!! So I better get off my butt and YOU should too :)

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

You asked, "Why do people read my drivel?"

Not only do I read you, I told other people about you in my blog post on Thursday.

phishez_rule said...

Smack - the site didn't tell me. Time zone -6hr.

Scorpy - you never know if you never apply.

Ima - all links welcome. I'll be over on the weekend to check it out!

it's the little things... said...

Hi Phish
Maybe I'm your visitor...I'm minus 6 hours...
Do I win anything? :)