Sunday, August 05, 2007

Things I learned this weekend

  • Four red bulls in six hours will make you feel like you are high on speed. wOOt. I shouldn't say wOOt. Thats shameful. Drugs are bad mmm'kay. Bad but fun, just like having sex with players, which isn't something I did over the weekend.
  • Sleeping for four hours makes me kinda manic. I'm still terribly, terribly alert.
  • My green shoes are hot, but fucking painful.
  • I make new friends really easily.
  • I love going out with gay guys. You can do whatever you want to them on the dance floor and they have no expectations for you to go home and follow through. For example you could dirty dance them, rub yourself all over them and do the drop-down-to-your-cock move, running your hands all the way up their legs and to the back of their head whilst never breaking eye contact, and they are content to buy you breakfast and drive you home. Not that I want to ruin my sweet innocent image and have certainly never done anything like that. *cough*sarcasm*cough*.
  • The Biotch's boyfriend has a really sweet ass. The kind of ass you can dig your fingers into. Not that I did. *innocent image*innocent image*
  • I hit 91kg this morning. That 17kg lost since April. But I was dehydrated and I'm pretty sure I've gone up since then.
I got tagged with the Rockin Girl Blogger Award. Well, its not really an award, but I really want one, so I tell myself it is. Everybody's seen the logo, so I choose to take Kelly's rock on logo and use that instead. Thus alleviating my requirement to tag anybody else. If you haven't seen the logo go visit Kelly and see it there.

Oh, and if anyone was at Star City this morning, between 6 an 7, and saw a group of people sitting in front of the big sports screen, you may have seen me. Of the five of us, four were asleep and at least one was drooling. I was sitting up, very alert and possibly twitching, completely enthralled in the baseball game*.

*I'm female. So my sports knowledge is nil. And baseball isn't a native sport for me.


istanbultory said...

Potent stuff is Red Bull. And so much more economical than speed. The Turkish state regularly bans its sale...then unbans it. Only to ban it again, etc. Go figure.

Josh said...

I'm not gay but promise to buy you breakfast if you try that drop down on my cock move.

I know a few good close moves that can liven up the dance floor but agree that finding partners that understand it is about the dancing not shagging can be a challenge.

Jenny! said...

Gay guys rule! I hop you got your breakfast before your friends started drooling!

Dan said...

I discovered that demon drink Red Bull during my vacation in Oregon. Man that stuff is great. I think I'll have to get me a few cases of that shit.

Hey! I think your new profile photo is terrific. But you're not flipping me off, are you? No. Can't be! Hugs. :)

Michael C said...

Ok, you learned cooler stuff than me!!!!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s a lot of learnings for one weekend—and it ain’t even over yet!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Well, I'm glad you let your hair down for once.

You needed a break and a good night out!

Echo said...

I'm seriously jealous that you have a gay guy friend. Can I please borrow him?

Betty Boob Hug said...

I want some gay friends too!! that sounds like fun.

good for you on the weightloss thang. Well done.

MissE said...

Love the new photo, phish!
Highly attractive finger.

Wish I had some gay mates to dance with... last time I was on the dance floor was when the guy I like and my good friend got together and dirty danced me to make me feel "included" or something... they were drunk, I was sober... I'm still in therapy.

phishez_rule said...

Tory - And now I understand why.

Josh - If I tried that move would you be my breakfast? You say its a challenge. Its an impossibility for a girl.

Jenny - yep. We all had our brekky before they had their nap.

Dan - Invest in the company.

Michael - I worked hard to learn all of that.

Nick - It wasn't over but my brain had shut down early.

Ingsoc - I redefined 'hair down'.

Echo - I share him because he knows he's my bitch.

Betty - Gay friends are the best.

MissE - That move is so much more fun when you're so drunk you can barely stand up.

Chai said...

17kg?! That's massive. Losing weight is v difficult. Well done.

phishez_rule said...

Chai - thanks.