Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I woke up with a massive case of PMH the other morning. For those playing at home, PMH is pre menstrual horniness. Gals, you know, its the kind of crazy animal instinct that hits you when your body knows it won't be getting any for the next few days.

Its the kind of crazy where you just want to grab a guy, throw him back on the bed, rip his clothes off and have your way with him. If he's still asleep you just jump on and kiss him as he wakes up. Maybe not his face, cuz it can be dangerous being in someones face as they wake up. But straddling him and kissing his neck, caressing his chest or other assorted body parts is very effective. And very obvious as to exactly what you want. There's nothing slow or sensuous about it. It gives a new definition to 'hard and fast'. You want to taste and feel every inch of him, but at the same time you want him inside you. Its animal and instinctive. Its rushed but not hurried. Its being in control, out of control. There's no sense and thought involved. All you can think about is what you need at that exact moment, where it would feel best and what will make your back arch and you claw at whatever's in reach, screaming for more. Its all about the now.

He doesn't have to do anything but lie there and not be scared. And maybe provide a little hair pulling. Even if it means you'll be late for work you can't resist it. You have to have it, consequences be damned.

It is summed up best as this. Its the kind of urge that can only be sated when you think you might have bruised your kidneys.

I thank my ovaries that it only lasts a few hours at the most. Of course most of the time I'm *something*something*H. But thats a natural part of being a redhead I guess. Makes the crazy horny so much more fun. ;P


kimba said...

heh .. you remind me of me right here..


Cazzie!!! said...

Bext time, call a local tradey in for a job...hehe...don't call the plumber though..they will come too punn intended right!!

Oestre-Bunny said...

That's one of the things I miss about having a relationship. There is no instant access sex.

Anonymous said...

speaking of hair-pulling. I was taking my son to speech therapy yesterday and came upon a copy of 'cosmo' on the table. I picked it up and said to myself, let's see what the young one's are up to these days.

I find an article on how to get your man v.v.very aroused.

"gently tug at his pubes" it read. "cradle his balls, run your tongue up and down his snail trail and with your other hand, pull at his pubic hair."

Yuc. I squirmed. I hate the pubic hair. Don't make me touch the pubic hair. Gritty, Curly, pubic hair.

Anyway, i just thought of that after reading your post! how about waking them up with your fingernails harnessed around the short and curlies? what a glorious awakening!

good luck on your quest for balls, buttocks and banging. xx

honkeie2 said...

I would love it if my woman woke me up like that. I mean come on.....i wake up everymoreing with a loaded weapon, all you have to do give me a target. But then again neither of us are morning people.

Chai said...

Did you see this article in the SMH?

Anonymous said...

why... oh why... do you have to torture me with those thoughts?!? For all that is good in this world!


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I get crazy horniness a lot.
Especially in summer.
Very distracting.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phis...I am so with you there sister. I always knew I f*cked like a bunny whore previous to (the visitor) but never thought it had a name...PMH.

You my friend have described it accurately. I'm surprised I have not broken a bed or have been hurt or hurt someone else, other than scratches, scrapes, and bruises.

Hell the mornings I want more and though at times I'm a tad sore, I am ready to go. Sometimes I slip on my cowboy boots. Come on baby...Zora's going riding. Hey I could've attached my spurs to my boots. Now that is fun and a turn on...not that I needed them. it was more for the visual effect.

Loved your post babes...ciao

fingers said...

Meanwhile, over in that mirror-image of life, BizarroWorld...there are guys with big, hard dicks, all shiny and covered in blood.
Don't see any chicks queued up yelling 'Please, please, please...stick it in me, will you.'
Go figure...

honkeie2 said...

All of the women that were miss wrong wanted sex all the time but miss right can go weeks without it! Just my luck, but at least she can cook and has big boobies.

phishez_rule said...

Kimba - I remind me of me there too

Cazzie - So long as they don't charge me a fortune for the priveledge.

Oestre - thats what vibrators are for.

Betty - I read that one. I think I actually have it.

Honk - I'm not a morning person either. I'm just horny.

Chai - I did now, thanks.

Kelly - Sharing my frustrations makes them easier to bear.

Ingsoc - that makes you a guy.

SZJ - it doesn't have a name. Thats what I call it.

Fingers - PRE. I stress PRE.

Honk - months actually. I think I'm growing cobwebs down there.