Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What blogging means to me.

I began blogging in May of 2005. Just over two years ago. I had gotten some emails from a friend I had fallen out of touch with and he had this really nifty little signature on his emails. I forget what it said, but it was pretty cool. And it had this website address with it. Curious, I followed the link, and found myself here. As I read about what had been happening in his life on the Mount, he became a part of my life again, even though he was so far away. And I wanted to be apart of it. I wanted to comment, but I had to have an account to do so.

I got offered a job in Sydney a month or so afterwards. And I thought it would be a perfect time to begin blogging. I used to keep a journal as a kid, but someone went through it and so I stopped. And in year 8 English we kept a journal, which had to have at least 10 pages filled per fortnight. This could be done with a combination pictures, or writing of any kind. I remember putting in music lyrics a few times, when I had writers block. It was very similar to this. It was all about expressing yourself.

Pretty soon I moved from merely chronicling my experiences. I put in my own twist and personality. I have always loved creative writing. I am very creative, but I cannot draw. Well, sometimes I can, but its always abstract. This blog has evolved into my outlet. I know I could not have stood my job without it. For all of its ups and downs, the blog has been here. And it accepts me as I am. And it allows me to experiment. This 'wanted poster' is one of my favourite posts ever. I'm not sure if the pics even work anymore. But it was so different and creative to put together. And then there's the descriptive stuff. The smut stories, the description of my apartment, the post a few down, about the Aussie bush. I've always had a talent for creative writing and in that genre, descriptive stuff came the easiest.


As with all blogs, I have seen mine evolve. I would love to go back and erase the first few months worth, because I think its shit. But I keep it there. Partially because it chronicles a very important journey in my life. But its more than that. I occasionally go back through my archives and have a quick read. And I remember. I keep those posts for me, more than for anybody else.

Find your favourite blog. And read the first few posts. They're shit. No matter who's it is. Most blogs I've seen begin as a chronicling thing, and you develop your own writing style. You work your own lingo into it, and pretty soon.

I know a few people personally who have taken up blogging. And they expect to be funny or entertaining right away. Not going to happen. If you try to emulate another blogger you will suck at it. Completely and utterly. Begin with your crap chronicling, and put your own twist to it, is the best advice I can offer anyone. That way, it will always be your blog.

My style varies dependent on my mood. Sometimes its quirky, sometimes its raw. And yes, sometimes it is boring too. But it is me. It is all me. Always.


There are two things I love about blogging. One is this - I don't watch TV or read the newspaper. So I get my news via the radio and by blogs. And its surprising just how up to date I really am. I can hold reasonable discussions about news things just from what has glossed over my brain during the three-minutes-an-hour dedicated to news on the radio, or by a passing opinion (and accompanying link) on a blog. Bloggers form so much of my personal opinion on so many topics. I'm not afraid to disagree, but you provide such a wide ranging point of view that I can't help but listen, and I can't be right all of the time.

The other thing I love about blogging is the interaction. I love bloggers who leave me comments, and I love the bloggers who take the time to respond to their comments. I love emailing bloggers. Seriously. Its such a thrill to see an email from someone in my inbox. Non-bloggers just don't get it. My readers aren't some random bunch of people. We share stories, ideas, opinions. Probably more freely than real life people do. We inspire and challenge each other. We laugh, we love, we fight and we cry. We feel what everybody else goes through as though we are going through it ourselves, because we know that person well enough to know exactly how they feel in that situation. We embarrass ourselves and then we put it out there so everybody can have a laugh. We have no shame because we hide behind the knowledge that we will most likely never meet the people who know our deepest, darkest secrets. But despite all of this, I feel I know some bloggers well enough to trust them, and I do. And I know that anybody who reads here for a length of time will know me better than the people I know in real life.

Blogging. Where the anonymously friendly meet.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I completely agree...my first couple posts were like "Oh man...can I GET any lamer than that?"

And yes, sometimes I'm "on" and can write some pretty funny stuff...other times, I can't write shit (so I usually swipe a meme) but I almost always do something...because my day really doesn't feel complete until I blog...or at least read some blogs.

". And I know that anybody who reads here for a length of time will know me better than the people I know in real life."

Same here....:)

Anonymous said...

hi! god damn i'm so angry right now! i just wrote this really long comment and then had to sign in and MY COMMENT DISAPPEARED!
anyway just wanted to say that i completely get where you're coming from - not so much with the blog that my friend the seal and i write (started shit, still shit but whatever! its fun!) i have noticed it with other peoples blogs. it is so interesting to see the way someone's blog has evolved over time. when i find a new blog that appeals to me, i try to take the time to read the first few posts, then a couple from the mid-way point and then the most recent. i also love the sense of community that there is in the blogging world - i first became interested in reading blogs after accidentally discovering redcap's through a google search for satiny caftan loungers (hmm, yes, best not to ask). anyway from there i have found so many other great blogs that i love - yours is the latest on my list! okay, this is pretty much nothing like my original comment, but whatever.
keep on truckin'

Cazzie!!! said...

I'd meetcha for coffee just so you could se I am real..then we could be friends in the flesh, LOL..you know, figuratively speaking and all..we would not be anon. anymore :)

nailpolishblues said...

I have a recurring argument with a friend (one of the few people from my real life who know about my blog) about how well bloggers know each other. She seems to think it's all a fake, that it's all artifice. Sometimes, I think you get to know people better this way than in any other. After all, how often do you get to read other people's paper diaries?


I think that there are a few people here who are not at all who thye purport to be on their blogs but for the most part I agree in a sense. My take is that alot of people think they are who they think they are on their blogs but are more who they would " like to be".
My blog, for instance is an obvious character, separate from me( I don't really talk about my life)but I think others are perhaps , an aspect of them at best.
Cheered you up yet? :)

The T-Dude said...

I particularly like the lack of borders. I get to read and interact with people from around the world with whom I share a common language. And I see the world, their worlds, through their eyes.

And in many ways, it is a special experience that I could never have seeing those worlds through just my own eyes. I am but one perspective, but by sharing the views of others, I get a much deeper, more three dimensional image.

Besides, you're just a good read and if I didn't blog, I wouldn't have found your site.

honkeie2 said...

We are in the same boat here. I love art but cannt draw or paint worth a damn but i can write. I always lover creative writting classes.
I have been at it about the same amount of time and even thought about going back and erasing my earilier stuff. Its shitty but I am not about to erase somethng I put effort into typing lol. And also because of the fact I am one lazy bastard.

Josh said...

As one anonymous friend to another, I have to agree with you.

In the short time I have been blogging the thing that I have found is that you get drawn to people who's take on life, writing style and passions align with your own.

In some cases you may be interacting with a persona or their true colours, the big questions is does it matter?

Either way it is an exchange that is as valid as reading fiction or autobiographical work. Both nourish and entertain.

Like you phish, I'm hooked and love my new circle of friends. Meeting them for real does not matter, it is not the point or the reason for the interaction.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

You said this so perfectly. I'm fairly new to blogging but I love the connections, the outlet, the growth that comes from blogging and "meeting" other bloggers.

I'm so glad I found your blog. If you ever come to the United States, let me know. I'll take you out and show you rednecks.

Princess of the Universe said...

This is so spectacularly true..I'm still in my first 6 months, so I accept that I might still be in the "crap" stage. But I love this more than I can say.
I too have spent most of my life jorunalling, but it is so much more rewarding getting the interaction and feedback from others.

itelli said...

I too see the "shop" as a challenge to me. As u said with the first posts that are always crap, I am very hesitant of taking other crap posts down or following one style only or whatever (especially with regards to style, u know what i mean :))

Other than that, i was thinking the exact same things the other day and i wanted to put it up as a 1st b-day post, last month. But i didnae... I don't know why. But i couldn't agree more with u.

Jenny! said...

I don't think I am a good or creative writer...but I love blogging...and it's a serious addiction and a way for me to just be me! I love getting emails too...boner!

Obesio said...

You have hit so many of the key points about blogging on the head. I could not have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's untue about blogs always starting off crappy.

Obesio is a good example, and so was my blog, but unforunately both of us has restarted out blogs. it currently 'starts off' kinda lamely, but in general I feel like it's on a long slow decline into oblivion, which kinda mirrors my life.

Josh said...

That's a great description of blogging and why people do it. I occasionally dust off my old articles and repost them, changing a few things here and there depending on how my views (or my grammar skills) might have changed.

unique_stephen said...

ah yes, Blooging, the social exchange of paragraphs. I wrote my - why do I blog post about a year ago - here.

Kezza said...
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Kezza said...

I love the sentiment! Do you remember sitting on the God-forsaken bus from high school to the Mooroopna change-over and talking about Jeb and his blog at the time? Good times! I'm always excited to be credited as the person who launched your blogging career. You are one of my favorite bloggers, and I know I don't comment enough but I'm always excited by what you write!

Don't ever get lazy like me, you are far too good!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Excellent essay! You make some exceptional points about blogging and the blogging community. By the way, I, too, began blogging in May of 2005 and I really don’t want to go back and read my first posts (except, maybe, the one about Hunter Thompson).

Keshi said...

**And I know that anybody who reads here for a length of time will know me better than the people I know in real life.

Definitely agree with that!

Kisses to ya!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Good on ya!

I used to keep a journal as well, faithfully, religously. It was my world. Then ex-husband read the whole thing AND asked his ex-girlfriend about what 'bulimia' was and what the hell I was talking about?
So I ripped them all up. Years and years worth of writing down the drain. Now I blog and it is different because you aren't totally free-falling random shit. You are aware that other's are reading and this may or may not influence the things you write. It does to me, to an extent. BUT the more I blog, and the more I read chicks like you, every single day (and I don't miss a day of your stuff) the more I feel open up and feel safe with my honesty.

Thanks Phish - I'm glad I met you bloggerpal xx

Scorpy said...

LOL...if i didn't have my daughter's and the whacked out life I have lived I wouldn't have anything to write about...Somedays i feel like writing about the love of my LLs, somedays about lost loves or sexual encounters, some about my military life and some days i just couldn't care less...but at the end of the day i keep coming back and purging my thoughts onto the little blinking screen or reading someone else's ramblings and that is why I am here. Have a great blog day :)

phishez_rule said...

Stacy - Its a social interaction without having to leave home

Small Fry - I like that idea, about the first, middle and last posts. It gives you an idea about how that person has evolved.

Cazzie - I'd so meet you too! <3

Nails - I tried explaining it to a RL friend of mine. SHe didn't get it.

Uber - Whichever way they portray themselves, it is still based upon some reality.

T - get to read and interact with people from around the world with whom I share a common language. And I see the world, their worlds, through their eyes. Perfect

Honk - Keep your early posts. It can be quite amazing to see a new reader's comments on them.

Josh - even the persona is based on a real person. You'd feel it if it weren't. And you can see the person through their persona too. Check Mist on my blogroll. She's a classic example

Ima - I can see rednecks here thanks.

Princess - you're six months old already? You seem so much older than that.

Itelli - the feeling doesn't really change.

Jenny - Boner! I love that. I'm so putting that in my daily vocab.

Obesio - I bet you could,

Underhill - I have been proved wrong. I should amend that to say *most* blogs.

Josh - I like your old posts. They certainly inspire the cogs to turn in my head.

Stephen - So true

Kez - you can take 10% of the credit for this blog. Unless I get paid for ti. Then I'll just buy you a beer instead and link you lots :)

Nick - Go on, read them. I know you wrote them, but I'm pretty sure you'll surprise yourself.

Keshi - I think most bloggers would agree.

Betty - You always feel so dirty and exposed when someone reads your journal, don't you? But its ok with blogging. Strange huh?

Scorpy - ha! My social life consists of work (which I try not to blog about), dancing, and blogging. And I still manage to churn out a post a day!

Sakura said...

You're totally on the spot there. Blogging is a very personal experience for me, and I love reading blogs more than actually blogging myself.

I was so nervous when I first started blogging, because I didn't know what people would think, and I am a really shy person, but I love the exchange of ideas and learning from and meeting new people.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Excellent post, a lot of which I can empathise with.

I don't watch TV much any more.
Proof- my flatmate came in last night to see me lieing on the sofa with the remote in my hand and said 'Internet still down then?'
As for the paper I used to read, it's now in my sidebar.

It's odd the way as bloggers, we introduce our inner selves first, then to the select few, we may show the superficial us the real world sees.


LMAO Crushed!

phishez_rule said...

Sakura - Blogging is good for shy people because of its anonymous aspects.

Ingsoc - I don't know what I'd do if my internet died.

Uber - me too.


I was laffing at him insinuating the the bloggers know the "real him" here.

phishez_rule said...

Uber - yeah. He's not the most personal blogger. No offense Ingsoc, but I only got to know you when the emails started.

it's the little things... said...

I always want to go back and get rid of my depressing first posts too, but like you, I don't either.
I was me when I wrote them, so they remain...