Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Do I stay or do I go?

I hate my job. EVERYBODY knows that. I am actively applying for other jobs. There was one advertised quite a few weeks ago that I was really excited about. Its in a field that I know and am interested in. But I was having trouble with some of the selection criteria and it sat in my hard drive for a few weeks, gathering technological dust.

I was browsing the employment website a few days ago and I noted that it was still advertised. Last night I hurriedly finished the selection criteria and zipped it off. I got a call this afternoon. They want to interview me. Tomorrow. But I'm not sure I want to take the job, for the following reasons.
  1. The guy who pre-interviewed me seemed to be picking holes in my application. i.e. I had the wrong date on the cover letter (it was from a template whoops). Also when he asked if I preferred 'phish' to 'phishez', I responded 'phish' and he commented that I had signed off 'phishez'.
  2. My resume isn't impressive enough to warrant next day interviewing. Its good, but its not exactly what they're after.
  3. He asked when I would be able to start. The person they are replacing is leaving in three weeks. I don't want to go into a job because I'm the only option, especially if its not going to work out and I'm going to be unemployed in three months. I might hate my job at the moment, but I still have some wonderful co-workers (Green Eyes and the Gal Pal), and its stable. I know I'll have that job until I choose to leave.
Its point three thats really worrying me. Any thoughts?

I got this award from Ingsoc.

I choose to do something different. I WILL pass this one on (to three people, as is required) for once. I choose a few relatively new bloggers. Well, new to me anyways. They are (in no particular order)
  1. Pie
  2. Betty
  3. Kez. Ok, so he's not that new, but he is one of my mostest favourite bloggers in the whole world.


Pie said...

Yay you! And yay me too, thank you!!

I often regret changing my job. For the same reasons too, I used to really get on well with a couple of people (I still talk to them now) but not really where I am now. It's improving a bit now (after two years) and there's a couple of people I speak to.

But go for the interview, it's worth hearing them out and getting the experience of them too.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amused when someone is leaving a job with that dreamy delusional state of mind that says "I'm leaving this shithole and going someplace GOOD."

It reminds me of what one of my favorite sitcom characters says to a woman he just started dating: "I love the part before we start hating each other."

Sam said...

well... go ahed with teh interview!! that won't do ou any harm.. after you get teh offer, you can do a lil bit thinking on it!!

honkeie2 said...

In the world of what we do for money I look at it this way:
No matter how much your job sucks it could always suck more. At least with the sucky job you have you know the ins and outs of the suckieness. In a new sucky job you will be on the bottom of the hill and we all know the saying about that right?
'Shit rolls down-hill and who-ever is on the bottom has the most to shovel.'
I am not thrilled with my job but I know it well and it pays the bills. We are all prostitues in some-way. We sell ourselves out to the highest bidder, that is what a resume is for. It is more like a tramp-stamp seal of approval.

Michael C said...

I'd kill for another job right now!! Take the interview, scope out what the job might be like and go from there.

Or tell the guy to go to hell since he was questioning you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, phishez...I don't like the sounds of that man who was nit picking over stuf like that. he sounds trivial and up himself. I think you would end up pulling at his hairs on his head and giving him chinese burns. it's a tough one (says the person who hasn't had a job since she cracked her ovaries open in 1998)
Good luck!

And what do I do with the barcode thingy? I want to play, I do, I just dont' understand.....

love b

Natalia said...

Going to the interview doesn't mean they will offer the job or that you will take the job if offered. I think that interviewing is an art and the more practice you can get it the better. I would go to the interview and see what comes of it. You never know.



I wouldn't take it. I would be highly suspicious of anyone who was prepared to hire a girl who can't tell the date and is named Phishez! :)
BTW is that your real name?

Obesio said...

Don't let "application process" issues distract you from the question of whether it is a position in which you will be more satisfied professionally.

(1) The pre-interview style may or may not have anything to do with what the job will be like.

(2) Don't second guess their decision to call you in for an interview. Even if they think too highly of you (which is probably not the case-- you probably deserve it), that is their issue, not yours.

(3) The fact that they might be in a rush due to their circumstances does not mean that it might not be a good job for you. There is nothing wrong with benefitting from their staffing needs.

(4) Missing your friends: Only you can judge how good the new job is and whether its benefits outweigh the loss of two friends. My guess is, though, that if you got the job and love it, then you will say that it was worth it. If you hate the new job, then the loss of the friends will seem even sadder.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Sometimes you have to jump, or you get stuck in a rut.

Yes, you need to weigh up the risks.

But if this is really what you want, you go and prove yourself and get promoted over this twat's head in three years time.

I do not answer to the full version of my name as christened- it doesn't appear on any of my cards.

It does appear on my driving license and passport, but no one ever looks at them really.
I forget it myself sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You should always go to an interview, period. Act super interested, and decide if you want to work there when you get an offer. Don't think about how you get in, just getting in, and what the people there are like. You don't know beforehand who you are really talking to, generally. They may have little to do with your hire process in many cases.

If nothing else, it's good practice for convincing people "I will be an asset to you, and I don't act insane and stuff. no, really."

fingers said...

Stability and some nice-looking co-workers is THE dumbest reason ever for staying in a job you hate, moron.
It might be a good reason to stay in a shitty relationship, however it's a poor excuse to stay mired in a dead-end career.
Get off your intelligent, articulate fat ass and go take some chances, Phishez...

WJ said...

As some of the other posters have said, it can't hurt to check out the options.

You don't know whether the painful application dude will even have anything to do with the role (unless you do know that, but you know what I mean).

If you hate your job and want to leave, but then hesitate when you get the chance, you will be stuck there forever. And your nice co-workers will probably bail before you do...

Lord Chimmy said...

I've come to learn that great resumes and good interviews don't translate into good workers.

It sucks being judged by someone, but you've got nothing to lose by going in for the interview. Apparently the only reason I got my old job (as in, not my current job) was because my boss "had a gut feeling about me" during the interview. Eventually he told me that I was the best person who ever worked for him, and he was truly at a loss to see me leave (we're good friends to this day). I also found out he was the only person who wanted to hire me...everyone else opted for someone else (luckily, since he was the boss, his opinion carried more weight).

Take a chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

phishez_rule said...

Pie - you deserve it mate.

Anon - I love Dr Cox too.

Sam - I had figured that already

Honk - I think I'm shovelling for the entire world right now.

Michael - Can I do both?

Betty - Its an award. You take it, tell the world that I think you're fantastic, and pass it on to three other fantastic bloggers.

Natalia - But its a long way to travel for art.

Uber - haha. My real name should have come through with my emails.

Obesio - You speak true wisdom

Ingsoc - My name appears on my resume and my license. Thats about it.

Underhill - I'll be there.

Fingers - you have such charming compliments

WJ - I already know he will be there.

Chimmy - Taking chances are scary though.


LOL Oh right- I forgot! lol and would you stop giving me the finger!

Anastasia said...

It annoys me when some people/interviews make out like they care about a resume, when most workplace skim over it and rely on how a person sells themselves in an interview. Maybe he's using a psychological tactic on you, to see how you'll react. Perhaps he feels insecure. It's up to you in the end, and everything (even if it's short term), adds up experience wise. You don't know if you'll be out of a job in three months, and you don't know if you'll progress to a senior role; every beginning is scary where new jobs are concerned but if it's a field that you really want to get into, then you should go for it and see how it goes.

The fact that the job wasn't filled immediately may indicate that this interview is pedantic in a way, it could be anything.

The security of a job you hate can be more of a hindrance career wise. Then there are bills to pay too which is fair enough, but if you have a good network of friends and family, then being out of work (hypothetically) for a short period won't be so nightmarish.

Anastasia said...

interviews = interviewers (typo oops)

phishez_rule said...

Uber - its directed at someone else who reads my blog

Anastasia - They just skimmed my resume. If they had actually read it then my time wouldn't have been wasted.

Anon said...

Your Dr. cox disclosure tells me all I need to know about leaving my family, flying 370 hours to Australia, and sweeping you off your feet (do they have restraining orders down there?)



Bag said...

I'd always go for an interview where it won't screw up my current job. Interview experience is handy. If you have a real concern over a new job and you can live with your current role then you are in a good bargaining position. Bear in mind it's normally worse than you think and if it looks bad at an interview then it's bound to be worse in reality.

In saying that risks pay off. I'm a firm believer in making lists of pros and cons and allocating marks. Whichever comes out on top is the one for you. The nit picker might be a temp. You may get an excellent job because they have to offer to someone not quite right because of time but you can grow into it so i wouldn't be bothered about that it gives you leverage. You just need to ask the right questions at the interview. I've read about you going for the interview so clearly you know a bit more now. Only you know if it's right for you or not.

Good luck.

Josh said...

Sweet--welcome to club original!

phishez_rule said...

Anon - 370 hours to Australia!!! Are you detouring via the moon?

Bag - Pro's and con's are a good idea.

Josh - Send my entry form