Saturday, August 04, 2007

The dinner party.

Harry walked into the kitchen. His wife Janine was busy preparing dinner. The house was spotless. Shiny. You could see your reflection in the fridge door.

She looked fantastic. In a short grey skirt that accentuated the curve of her ass. And a white blouse. Perfectly buttoned to be feminine but reserved. He could vaguely see her bra through the shirt. Maybe he was imagining it. Whatever. The overall effect was a suggestion of her soft tits, without being obvious. She threw the spoon into the sink and turned to him. "Its all ready."

They were throwing a dinner party that night. It was time for her parents to meet his parents. She wanted everything to be perfect for this one occasion. And it was. Except for one thing. "My mum just rang. They're running a bit late. She didn't want you to worry."

A small crease appeared between her eyes. She scanned the area, looking for something to do. Harry moved closer. Her scent right now was driving him crazy. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her to him. "Everything is perfect babe," he murmured into her soft blonde hair.

She turned her face to him, tilting upwards for a kiss. He held her tighter, pressing her into his well muscled body. She slowly slipped her hands up his chest to his neck, winding her fingers into his hair as they kissed. It began long and slow, reassuring. But suddenly all of her nervous energy reached boiling point. She kissed him hard, biting his lips slightly, pressing her tongue into his with such urgency that he couldn't help but respond.

As she pulled at his hair he lowered his hands and tugged at her skirt. It was so damn tight. She could feel him straining against his jeans as he began to instinctively grind against her pussy. He stepped forwards, pushing her roughly against the bench. He made to pull her skirt up but she shoved his hands away. She unzipped it and let it drop, taking her panties with it, scooting them out of the way. He put his hands on her hips and lifted her onto the bench. Moving in to kiss her again. And as he kissed her she undid his jeans, yanking them down in one swift motion.

His mouth was hard on hers, his body was hard against hers, and his throbbing cock was hard against her glistening pussy, separated by a thin layer of cotton. He could feel her wetness seeping through his underwear. Her hand was down his pants, on his arse, moving with him as he ground against her. She pulled away from his kiss and cried out in pleasure. He bent down to remove his pants and caught sight of her pussy. He glanced up at her, to meet her eye, but she was leaning back slightly, panting. Her hands caressed her breasts through her shirt.

He moved closer. Reaching out a finger to gently touch her pussy, he heard her panting stop. He gently slid one finger in, slowly. He pulled it out, equally as slowly. His finger glistened too. He moved his fingers against the smooth opening to her pussy, before sliding two in, applying gentle but repeated pressure against her g spot. His mouth slammed against her clit unexpectedly, and her back arched. He nibbled it for a moment, feeling her tighten around his finger. She moaned and began to rock her hips to the rhythm that he sucked at her.

Looking up he met her eyes. Her gorgeous honey brown eyes gave him the most lusty glare they could muster. The sight of him rising to her, eyes never wavering from hers, her excitement smeared across his face, was too much for her. She made to slide off the bench to return the favour, but he pressed her back. His hand was on her waist, his lips were on hers. She melted into his embrace as he slowly slipped his fat cock into her. Grinding slowly into her, she could feel him slowly approaching her most sensitive spot. Moving faster, she was stimulated beyond crazy, but he wasn't quite hitting the right zone. Though she was still enjoying the feel of his cock, the connection, his mouth on hers, the frenzy with which he pumped her.

Gasping she pulled away from the kiss and pushed him backwards. He was caught by surprise and stepped a few feet back. He looked offended, but the sight of him standing there, naked from the waist down his hard cock pointing straight at her, quivering as he breathed, was almost burned into her retinas.

She, in turn, was still sitting on the bench, naked from the waist down. One leg dangled, but the other was slightly raised, from where it was wrapped around him. He could see her pussy. He could see into her pussy. It was dark, tight and inviting. She closed her legs coyly, and slid off the bench. Never breaking eye contact, she turned and leaned over the bench, thighs parted sightly, a clear invitation.

He stepped forward and slipped the tip of his cock into her. Putting a hand on each hip, he used as much force as he could to slam straight into her. She screamed. This was more like it. With this position, he always hit her exactly where she needed it. Each thrust sent a ripple through her body. Harder and faster he went, she moved with his rhythm, back arching and screaming as she came.

Reaching out, he grabbed a handful of her hair. Her screams encouraged him. Pushing harder, he felt himself begin to come. He pulled out and came on the back of her legs, watching it begin to run slowly down as if through a haze. Their breathing slowed, as if in sync. He leaned over her and put his hand next to hers on the bench. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck as she struggled to open her eyes.

A knock at the door aroused them from their stupor. Janine's parents were at the door. Hurriedly, Harry pulled up his jeans and did up the zip. Janine leaped for her skirt and panties. She couldn't find anything with which to wipe the come off her legs, so she used her panties. Pulling up her skirt she could hear Harry opening the door to them. She checked her reflection in the fridge door and smoothed her hair. Glancing at the panties she bent down and shoved them under the fridge, straightening up as her mother entered the room.

"I don't know what you've been doing in here, but it smells wonderful."


Josh said...

Hmmm, that hit the spot. Think In need to organise a dinner party..

Mind you, just my luck the bloody folks would be early.

Steph said...

Phwooarr! That was HOT!

Natalia said... makes me what to have my own little party.


SouthernBelle said...

very nice

; )

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phish...That was hot. Okay, now I'm all wet and moist. My blood is rushing and my heart is pounding faster. Whew. I have to change my panties but i'm at work. It's kind of uncomfortable.

This is so close to what actually happened to me while in high school. I was all dorky silly in love with this girl( Kathy J.) she was awesome. We were dancers and would perform here and there. Well this one Friday night she was baby sitting for one of our high school teachers. It was funny and excitingly scary and embarrassing. I have to write about it...soon.

Okay, I'm out to freshen up. Ciao.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You said you were going to write and you did extremely well. That story is, uh, autobiographical by chance, is it?

Cazzie!!! said...

FAR OUTT!!! Find a publisher already!!!

Anonymous said...

good ending Phishez, and look how cute you are in that photo!!

istanbultory said...

Cripes, that was good. I approve. Didn't you submit anything to Mutley's "Nourishing Smuttiness" extravaganza?

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

You notice sexual smells a lot, I notice.

You do seem to observe the sensual aspects well.

fingers said...

'The house was spotless. Shiny. You could see your reflection in the fridge door.
She looked fantastic. In a short grey skirt that accentuated the curve of her ass...'

Awesome porn, Phishez.
I don't think anyone's ever thought of targeting the OCD demographic yet...


LMAO @OCD demographic.Glad to see that all is as it should be.

phishez_rule said...

Josh - glad you enjoyed

Steph - it was supposed to be.

Natalia - damn. It was supposed to make you want sex.

Belle - thanks.

SZJ - Time for a cold shower?

Nick - I've never thrown a dinner party.

Cazzie - But then you'd have to pay to read my drivel.

Betty - That's me being 'pissy'. I look like I'm trying not to grin.

Tory - No. I wanted my smut to be all mine. I should have though. Would have gotten me some good readership.

Ingsoc - you've never noticed the smell?

Fingers - if it was OCD she would have folded her skirt and placed it neatly on the bench.

Uber - somebody's gotta cater for it.

fingers said...

For all I know she did, Phishez.
I came during the description of the blouse and was asleep before she'd finished the dishes...

phishez_rule said...

Fingers - just like in real life?

fingers said...

No, you dozy trout.
In real life I have a dishwasher.
And it doesn't talk back...

JP said...

Wow, that was incredible. How does all that passion manifest itself in real life?

phishez_rule said...

Fingers - but do you still cum on the dishwasher?

jp - very much like the story.

fingers said...

Of course I do.
She's a lovely young Mexican chick.
The reason she doesn't talk back is that I had her tongue cut out...