Thursday, August 02, 2007

Late review

So I just saw the Transformers movie. Fuck the reviews. It. Was. Brilliant! Bring on the sequel.


Josh said...

Have to agree. Saw it last week, all alone because I was too embarrassed to ask any friends to go.

Loved it. Non stop action that almost punches you in the chest.

Anonymous said...

I loved it too!!

WJ said...

Yeah, it totally rocked. SO many explosions, so little time.

One issue though - I recall quite clearly that when I was going to school, chicks who looked like that DID NOT EXIST.

Cazzie!!! said...

I wanna take me kids to see it now..but it costs me 56 dollars for me and 4 kids to see flick..and they saw HP and they saw thats alot of dough...will wait til it comes on DVD me thinks.

Steph said...

I hated it and walked out after half an hour. However, I may or may not have been a bit drunk/stoned at the time. *cough*

MissE said...

Couldn't agree with you more, phishez.

I went and saw it with three guys (see an earlier post of mine) who are all IT geeks - the only way to go, really!

Loved it.

Sequels... there must be more!!!

Pie said...

Haven't seen it yet, I want to though. Is it better than the original cartoon film?

phishez_rule said...

Josh - I see movies by myself all the time.

Kelly - It was so awesome.

WJ - thats because the 'kids' weren't kids. They looked about 19.

Cazzie - OUCH! I know greater union has a
member clubwhere they offer one movie for an entire week at $8 tickets.

Steph - it would have been a bit confusing then

MissE - if there are more autobots there will be more deceptecons too.

Pie - plot wise it was ok, but the effects were absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

I've only heard one friend say they hated it and were ready to go home about half time. But he is a pharmacist. Maybe that is why. ?

I'd like to see it. Transformers were my childhood with my little brother. I still have the ad jingle in my brain.

"transformers, more than meets the eye!"

SouthernBelle said...

Phish - I went to see it last night and I think it is the best frickin' movie ever.

Are there plans for a sequel?

I already know I have to buy it on DVD. I hope the special edition box set has some kind of transformy element to it!

WJ - there probably were girls who looked like that in high school, but they were wearing dowdy uniforms (instead of not-very-much) and not allowed to wear make-up yet, whereas she obvy uses a trowel...