Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The First Kiss

I love kissing. But my favourite of all types of kissing is the first one. With someone you think could one day be 'the one'.

Its the kiss where you tingle from just being around him. And you laugh at his corny jokes. Then you tell him they're corny and he laughs too. You both know whats coming up. You're both waiting for the other to make the move. You walk back to your place to say goodnight. Its now or never. Standing close to each other, talking, he reaches out a hand to brush away a lock of hair. Its stereotypical. But I LOVE it when a guy plays with my hair. His fingers comb through the silky tresses, tucking it neatly behind an ear. His fingers trawl a bit further down, ending up cupping part jaw, part neck. You both lean in. Your lips meet, and in that moment, there is nothing else.

Its the most natural feeling in the world. Its a kiss that holds promise, but gives away your secrets too. You feel so exposed to this person, it feels like they're trying to absorb who you are. They take up every sense, they are all you can see, smell, feel. But its comfortable, for all that its overwhelming. Its like being wrapped up in a sweet smelling blanket, one that is warm but cool at the same time, that shuts out all the hurt and for that moment, you feel all that is good with the world. Its gentle and intimate. It tells you to take your time, that you're happy in the moment.

Don't cheat your first kiss. Its not something that you can get back. And don't cheat any kisses after that. I love to kiss for the sake of kissing. For all that I dislike public displays of affection, there is nothing more divine to me to give you a deep kiss, full of longing and desire, for the hell of it. I love to kiss for kissing sake. But it is a special gift, and you have to earn the right.

SR was the best kisser. But he had one very annoying habit. We'd be giving each other the most fantastic butterfly kisses as we worked our way to the nearest bed/couch/wall he could slam me up against, and he'd stick his tongue out for me to suck on. Bravo! What a way to ruin a bloody good kiss. There are better things for me to be sucking on than your tongue. I always hated that.

Tell me about your best/worst kiss.


Pie said...

Kissing makes the sun come out.

Anonymous said...

I love kissing to - its so sexy, intimate and loving... I shall write about it later, when I am not at work!! Bad Dog!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Kissing is fantastic, I haven't done it in soooo long though. I used to be damm good at it. My biggest compliment was when I was with an older man - I was 20 and he said to me one night, "Promise me, You'll always kiss like that, ok?"
He said I was GOOD. Very Good.

And I agree with you, what is with the tongue poking around? There is a place and time for tongue but sometimes open mouth is just enough, thanks all the same.

My best kiss was an army guy called Glenn. I was 20 (I tell you, it was my best year ever) and we met in a bar and we locked lips for around 7 hours. It was the first and only time I have ever got squidgy underwear and felt like I was going to have an orgasm just by the kissing.
We got asked to leave the bar. Then we took our smooching selves outside and leaned up against a pillar. It was Canberra cold - zero degrees and yet I could have lived in those arms forever. God he was good.
A policeman came and moved us along. We caught a taxi. We didnt' stop for air. The taxi got to his motel. I told him I wasn't a one night stand kind of girl and so I said I'd see him the next night. The taxi driver took my address from me and was leaving the car park when I said, "Oh, just stop, I'll go back."
And I kid you not, this man leaned back to look at me and he said, "I thought you said you were going home?"

SPOIL SPORT! Can you believe the old bugger had to put his two cents in and tap on my slipping morals?

Thanks for letting me remember this! Glenn from the infantry in the australian army - you were the best ever.

and now I am going to cry into my pillow.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

(I popped over from Memphis Steve's blog...:)

God...a good kiss can make your knees turn to pudding, can't it?

I love my husband...and I love the way he kisses...but the very very best kiss I ever got was when I was about 18 and at a party one night. There was this very sexy guy there and we kept giving each other "the eye" and "the smile" all night long but never spoke to each other. I had come to the party with my girlfriends so when they decided to leave, I had to leave with them. I was bummed because "sexy guy" and I had never even spoken to each other and as I made my way out the door, I was grabbed by the shoulder, spun around and sexy guy laid the hottest kiss I have EVER had on me. read all that bull shit about "swooning" in those romance novels? I came thisclose to swooning right then and there. Instant, immediate heat.

*sigh* Never had a kiss quite like that far, anyway....;)

Josh said...

Phish, you nailed that subject. Kissing is indeed every bit as special as you say.

Interestingly my most special kiss was a final kiss. I was young and impressionable and had had a challenging relationship with a girl that was on again off again.

Eventually I had to walk away. One of those self preservation, walk away, can't ever see you again moments. The worst kind.

After a long night of explaining why it had to end it was time to say goodbye.

The kiss was short, in some ways not more than three little pecks on the lips but it hit all the right spots. The sort of kiss that rocks you back on your heels.

It summed up everything we had been and all that could have been. My heart still skips remembering it.

MissE said...

Second worst kiss ever - A. It was like being slobbered on by a dog.

The worst was also my very first and it was an assault. One that has taken a long time to get past.


I pulled a then new boyfriend( hadn't done the deed yet) on top of me on the couch where I was lounging, in a playful moment.He had the fattest, thickesst lips a white boy could have, and within seconds of kissing I had an orgasm. Until that moment I didn't know a woman could have an orgasm from kissng alone.
I never told him- what a bitch eh?:)
Love that picture Phish!

honkeie2 said...

All relationships start out great with that fist kiss. But a bad kisser can kill even the best of moments.
My worst kisser would have to have been this EMT chic I dated some years back. She thought moving her tongue around as fast as she could was the way to go. It was werid and I did not have the heart to tell her. LOL

Memphis Steve said...

He wanted you to suck his tongue?! WTF?

emmenemmanasta said...

we can not kiss mouth to mouth because of the toxic bacteria factor, but when zoibla ans i mated, mucus covered our rumps in a most satisfactorty manner.

The T-Dude said...

I was standing with her on the mall in Washington DC with the sun setting behind the Lincoln Memorial and we both knew the moment had finally come. When our lips slowly touched and slightly parted we both knew that the moment held a little piece of perfection.

Princess of the Universe said...

My worst kiss would be my first one ever- I was 11 and it was playing spin the bottle. I did NOT like the guy, and we landed on each other twice. Ugh.

I used to have a bf who would shove his tongue as far down my throat as possible just to be obnoxious. It wasn't his regular style, he just thought it was funny. Really. Not.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I had an ex once who was very kissy kissy.
Once in a pub she bent forward to kiss me and I did.
While we were kissing, a very attractive girl came past and caught me eye.
My eyes were following her, as me girlfriend opened her eyes.
It was hard to explain.


We need a net perv award!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The best kiss I can remember was a totally unexpected one initiated by a friend who had repeatedly told me she wanted only a platonic relationship. That kiss changed everything—for the better.

Neal said...

Any non-drunk kissing is good kissing. Some of the drunk kissing is alright too.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

She was in my Phys-Ed class. I first saw her when the teacher moved to the left and she was sitting on the bench behind, leaning in...her eys caught mine.

How very beautiful she was, blue eyes, and a very cute figure.
She looked some-what like Jody Foster, but more beautiful. Maybe it was the mannerisms and the way she spoke. She blinked then smiled.

We spoke manny times and we became friends. We showered was gym class after all. Lucky me. Damn, she was hot. Hey...I saw her checking me out too, so it wasn't all me.

This one Friday on our way to 6th period art class, she walked with me around the gym towards the back. It was a short cut to our classes. She stopped, dropped her books and pushed me up against the wall. I was at surprised at first. Her breathing seemed labored but her eyes said more...she closed her eyes as her face came closer to mine. Her lips touched mine and I was hers. My eyes closed as well...the kiss deepened as her hands lay on my hips, gently pulling me to her. I wrapped my arms around her neck and deepened the kiss further. I had never been kissed like that. A kiss never meant so much to me. A kiss never made me feel like time had stopped. A kiss never made me want to tear off my clothes. Her name was Terry and I loved her very much. Sometimes friends see my photos and when they get to pictures of us, they say. "I didn't know you knew Jody Foster." I smile and I remember that kiss. I can touch my lips with my finger and still feel it.

My worst ever was this date I was on...he was trying to strangle me by putting his tongue down my throat while putting one hand up my skirt and the other roamed from bobb to boob. Dude...back off. His breath smelled like garlic and cigarettes. It was a rather short interlude.
Later rock.

fingers said...

Does the excellence of the kiss affect the number of fingers you can try to cram in her snatch at the same time...

Michael C said...

Is it bad that I can't remember my favorite kiss? I'm thinking it must be.

I have been kissed off plenty of times though...

Anastasia said...

Kissing is the alpha and omega of everything intimate. It's the prime indicator of sexual potential or sexual fit between people.

The best ever one for me, took place shortly after 30. Sure enough, prior to that I kissed plenty of men, but the kiss that actually melted time was quite unexpected or unanticipated. It began softly at first, and evolved into something else. It wasn't 'weak at the knees', more like my ligaments turned to jelly.

phishez_rule said...

Pie - and the moon rise too.

Mutley - you must behave or you get no treats.

Betty - Did you still go back anyway?

Stacy - did you get his number?

Josh - Sounds like a fantastic kiss. Keeps you level and lets you know the break up wasn't disastrous.

MissE - I think we've all had the slobbery kiss.

Uber - wow. I didn't know that either

Honk - I think if someone needs to improve their sexin, you can offer tips. You can't do that with kissing.

Steve - yeah, that was my attitude the first time it happened.

Emme - you know, its the same with humans

T-dude - ahhh, fond memories

Princess - that was like tongue stickey-outey guy.

Ingsoc - Bwah ha. I can imagine.

Uber - start one up.

Nick - kissing changes all relationships.

Neal - obviously you've never met a bad kisser. Lucky you

SZJ - That sounds like one hothot kiss. And that guy sounds seriously creepy.

Fingers - no. Kissing and jamming fingers in jaxies are different. Unless you're kissing the jaxie.

Michael - you're still to meet the one to give you earth shattering kisses I take it.

Anastasia - I love me some soft kisses. Especially when they evolve.

Anonymous said...

Phishez - I went home in the taxi that night and cursed all the way home and the next day. WHY? WHY? WHy must I try and act so virginal?!

But on the second night, I saw him at the same place. We cuddled straight away and I said to him, "you know, I've been kicking myself all day thinking we should have stayed together last night."
He took the drink out of my hand, grabbed my bag off the table and said, "Well. Let's go then!"
And off we went. We got to his room and boom! You know in the movies how you see the guy and girl kissing like crazy people while trying to strip each other's clothes off? Well I had that. In my life, if I never get that way with a man again. I had that one time, and I'm hanging onto it. Good memory!
Unfortunately, I was a dud root. I mean really. he was my second bit of sex. Literally. Prior to him, I"d slept with one Army Officer (well, it was Canberra you know) and that was a one nighter. I lost my virginity to that dude. I was almost 20 and thought if I didn't do it NOW I was never going to loose it and I so much wanted to be let into the secret sex club at my work and not be the goody two shoes.
ANYHOO - so once we got onto the bed, I wasn't so good. I was freaking out about my breasts. Where did they go? WHere they too big? I was unsure what the girl actually did. I'm sure he thought I was boring. But he was nice and the next morning he was sweet but happpy to say "See you, have a lovely life and thanks for a great night."

BWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.....and there was the best kisser of my entire life. And you want to know a crazy story? I knew he was off to Perth - I knew his first name, and that he was in the infantry and he was going to Perth.
My goal for the next 12 months was to move to Perth and 'find him'. That was my one goal in life for the whole year. And then I turned 21 and a month later I met a man FROM PERTH, who was not army, but navy, and I followed HIM to Perth. I used to walk around the city and wish I would find Glenn instead. But after a while, I forgot about chasing silly one night stand dreams, and married Nevin.

Helen said...

Hey Phish, love the avatar. My two best kisses (with two different guys and the kisses were 8 years apart) both happened when I was talking with the guy, and somehow by some cosmic understanding we both just leaned into each other and a phenomenal kiss. You're right, though that first one with someone is like fire and ice.

Scorpy said...

I wrote all about A KISS a while back. The first is always the enduring one..(Its in my sidebar)

Miss Smack said...

hmmm I have shared some kisses with a guy in Melbourne that made my legs wobble and stop me breathing...

Worse... a guy that pursed his lips like a cats bum and touched mine with his. Seriously, like your nanna at christmas.

Josh said...

Love your description of the totality of a kiss.

phishez_rule said...

Betty - oh, that sucks. Its never any good unless you're relaxed. You might have been better off chasing glenn.

Helen - I've never had one of those. But I bet there were sparks flying like no tomorrow.

Scorpy - I'll have to go check it out.

Miss Smack - thats just so wrong.

Josh - thanks. I try hard.

phishez_rule said...
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