Monday, August 13, 2007

Bits and Bobs

I sent the work mobile for a swim yesterday. Ooops. The mobile was left in my care, to carry around all weekend in case someone had to contact us. Its standard procedure. Its also for us to contact people if we can't get them on a work phone. So I leaned over to empty a (blocked) drain and it took a tumble out of my top pocket into the filthy drain water. EWWWW.

Thank Christ its a Nokia. Those things never die. I sprayed it with metho (cuz it was gross) and left it to dry overnight. And it fucking works this morning.


I heard back about the job. They have offered it to me. I don't think I will take it.
  • Three weeks to train for the job, whilst still having to do 10 days work where I am now to make up my notice period.
  • The commute would be a killer
  • The pay is about $4k more than what I get now, though no chance for overtime, so in the long run, less $$$
  • I'd most likely have to give up dancing, which I won't compromise.


I've come off work sick today. Last weeks chest infection was an inconvenience. Just a gooey cough. But it has since migrated to my sinus. And I hate sinus infections. I feel fine in the body, but my head...

It feels like someone has rammed a rockmelon into my skull. Basically everything above my teeth hurts. And my neck too. And my shoulders. Codeine isn't helping.

So I went to the docs and got me some antibiotics. And while I was there I got my first HPV vaccination. I wonder if the upcoming election has anything to do with the timing of its release and it being free? Whatever. I still hate Johnny H for his workplace reforms. Thanks for the freebie though. If you want to buy my vote pay off one of my credit cards.


The second grossest thing I did this week...

I was clipping my toenails and one flew off and hit me in the face.

Don't ask about the grossest.


Cazzie!!! said...

LOl, mobiles and friend dropped his m obile in the public loo once...he did not even try to retrieve it..good on him!

Clipping toe nails this morning and they were Mia's not mine and I still got one in the eye...youchies!!

Take care of I woldn't wish on anyone :(

unique_stephen said...

Eeek - toe nail in the face.

Back in the day I used to work as an environmental scientist. I had one of those huge bricks of a phone which were mobile in the way that a demountable building is mobile. I had chucked it on top of an eskie of contaminated soil samples in the back of the car and it slid into a bucket that had a wet sponge in it - wet with super super saline groundwater.
By the time I got home the phone was oozing blue green froth. Needless to say it was beyond repair and has now gone to digital heaven.

hope your better soon - in the mean time - take more drugs.

Kitty said...

Go on, what was the grossest?



Yeah, you know we are all dying to know( but will regret it when told) but ..go know you WANT to!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Sinus infections much pressure and nasty green stuff everywhere!

I have a VERY gross tale of a fresh pile of dog shit and a yours grosser than that? ;)

Liquid said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Stiletto said...

giving the mobile a swim? been there, done that. I dropped my boyfriends (at the time) phone into the water while trying to get into his boat. I panicked and jumped in to save it, not thinking about the fact that I had my own phone in my pocket... So instead of only drowning his phone, I managed to completely drown my own as well...I'll ask, I wanna know the grossest thing!!

honkeie2 said...

I have a work mobile as well. I am on call 24/7. And this weekend it took a shower with me. These damn things are tough.
And some promotions are not worth it lol

poody said...

What? give up dancing forgetaboutit!

fingers said...

'I was clipping my toenails and one flew off and hit me in the face.'

You are the future of blogging, Phish...

Trundling Grunt said...

Nokias are robust. Dell pocket PCs less so according to my friend who dropped it down the toilet after a curry. Probably just as well.

The Man at the Pub said...

Grossest! Grossest! Grossest! Grossest! Grossest! Grossest!

Natalia said...

I am sure you will make the right decision. Whatever makes you happy.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I have learned from you: I shall stop carrying important pieces of electronic stuff in my shirt pocket.

Sounds as if you’ve done a good evaluation of the pros and cons of the alternative job.

I hope you’re feeling better. Alex (the cat) hade similar symptoms and when I finally captured him to investigate, I found he had somehow gotten and inch and a quarter blade of grass up his right nostril. He sneezed it our while I was attempting to remove it. Now, Phish, I’m not saying you and Alex are similar, but it might be worthwhile to check your nostrils.

phishez_rule said...

Cazzie - Its quite a conundrum. How badly do you want your contacts in the phone?

Stephen - ahh, the old brick phones. They were heavy weren't they?

Kitty - no. Its too bad

Uber - I'm not sure I do want to share.

Stacy - there IS nothing grosser than yours

Liquid - me too. Its date weekend coming up

Stiletto - Bah ha. Thats brilliant that is.

Honk - Its surprisingly tough for something so disposable.

Poody - that was my attitude too.

fingers - awww. shucks. *blush*

Grunt - I wouldn't have even bothered to check how it survived.

TMAP - No!No!No!

Natalia - I'm twisting in the wind here, but I'll get over it.

Nick - I know I don't have a grass seed in there.

honkeie2 said...

I was reading this again and had a funny thought: I can think of a few other things alot nastier than a toe nail hitting you in the face. Sorry about being so nasty so early but I had to share.

sm said...

i am pretty gross when it all boils down (luckily theres only one person who knows about my grossnessness - ha! is that even a word) so its reasonably contained. I dont think a toenail hitting you in the face is gross at all - of course if you have yucky festering feet that that may be a different story. In fact, gross or not, Im sure id chew my own toenails if i could reach them. :D

Josh said...

Usually my sicknesses start in my head and move down to my chest. Maybe this is another example of how things are different for people south of the Equator? ;)

phishez_rule said...

honk - you were nasty before? Good thing tone doesn't convey well through text.

SM - I can reach my own toenails. I don't chew them

Josh - yep, we're all upside down here

phishez_rule said...

Ok. A few days have passed so I feel its safe to post this.


I was eating a cupcake. Blueberry. All purple and squishy. I have a mirror on my desk, so I can pick pimples in convenience. I pulled a face in the mirror (I'm so vain), poked out my tongue, and half a masticated blueberry cupcake fell out of my mouth and landed *splat* on my keyboard.

I looked at it for a few seconds, then shrugged, picked it up, put it back in my mouth and swallowed.

You were warned.