Saturday, August 18, 2007


Crappy shot, but you see why they're called the 'Blue Mountains.' You can see The Three Sisters off to upper left side. About two hours later we were underneath them.

I love a sunburned country.

The view from the base of the waterfall (pictured below).

A very small waterfall

A slightly bigger waterfall.

Us at the base of the waterfall. (And, Hot DAYAM I've lost weight, thats me at the end on the black shirt and the huge cans.)

The same waterfall, seen from above. We took our pictures from the little 'puddle' at the bottom of the picture. This is 4 1/2 hours afterwards.

The trail (behind).

The trail (in front).

The trail a bit further on (behind).

The trail a bit further on (in front).

Highlights include

  • Me falling like a tard, over absolutely nothing, getting up and whinging about my bruised ego.
  • The Gay Biotch falling about three minutes later. I maintain it was to make me feel better.
  • "How is everybody going?" Me: "Yep!"
  • I am apparently very funny. Or the girls really like my sense of humour.
  • The calories I burnt.
  • "And up ahead, we're going to come across a large waterfall." "What, are you going to open your legs?"
  • The end. It was a five hour walk. Rough terrain. My legs hurt. So worth it.
  • The Blue Mountain Chocolate Company


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

How far away from where you live is this?
The scenery is beautiful, reminds me of LOTR.

Not been hiking since I was in the scouts.
Don't you get a little nervous being this far from urban existence?

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm so glad you had a good time, Phish. I MISS THE MOUNTAINS!! Down here in the 'burbs, meh, it isnt' anything.

Kitty said...

Loving the bush - what a cool hike.

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - that was about a two hour drive from home.

Betty - I'm so sore right now. I just got back from a dancing social. And I couldn't even dance!

Josh said...

Ahh, the Wentworth pass track and Wentworth falls.

Great spot but the climb out is a killer as your legs will be telling you about now.

Nice time of year for that track though, not too hot.

phishez_rule said...

Josh - was absolutely gorgeous. I don't think it was wentworth falls. I think it was three sisters, railway walk, fern bower etc. It was pretty damn long and the steps coming out were murder.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thank you! I truly enjoy trekking in mountains, especially vicariously sharing a trek with great folks such as you.

Is there really a Blue Mountain Chocolate Company? Do they sell chocolates?

phishez_rule said...

Nick - yes they do. And they are divine. With a price tag to match.

Obesio said...

Beautiful scenery-- though it reminds me of the last time that I went hiking and almost had a coronary.

phishez_rule said...

Obesio - I think I almost did.

Pie said...

I'm so jealous, buy me plane tickets and I'll be over there to see it for myself :-)

The T-Dude said...

That looks like a great time. I love a good hike.

That country looks spectacular. Reminds me a little of a couple of spots here in the states that I've trod. I particularly like the long distance shot. Beautiful.

And you're right, you look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - Im glad it all went well and nothing ate you.

You look lovely by the way - didn't notice the waterfall for ages - couldn't take my eyes off you...

Steph said...

Love the mountains, so great to get away from cement central.


Those photos are beautiful . I would have a couple blown up and framed for my wall. Nice to be able to see the scenery without the long ,hot walk. TY Phish.

phishez_rule said...

Pie - its very unique. Well worth seeing if you ever come over here.

T-dude - It was a fantastic day.

Mutley - you old smoothie you *bats eyelids*

Steph - We don't do it often enough

Uber - My phone takes shitty photos, not worth blowing up and framing.

Josh said...

I love the mountains, that's part of the reason I still call them home. Even though there's fuck-all to do around here... it sure is pretty.

Sounds like a fun hike.

phishez_rule said...

Josh - fantastic, but painful.

unique_stephen said...

It's a pity you cant climb the Sisters any more. It makes for a fantastic day.

phishez_rule said...

Stephen - I'll bet it does. But I can understand why they don't let you do it. Too many tourists would do too much damage.