Friday, August 17, 2007

Four Day Weekend!

How did I pull that, you ask. It was quite simple. I worked on my day off last month and took it on the same weekend as my day off this weekend. So what do I have planned, you ask.

I have just gotten a new haircut. Well, not new. Same style. Bit shorter. It looks good. Fun, flirty and can be put up into my usual style, or left out for a carefree look. And now I itch all over. I feel like I'm regrowing my bikini line, but all over my body. There was hair under my shirt, on my face, in my bag (how often do you get to say that) AND in my mouth by the end of it. I am in desperate need of a shower. But it looks good and is so worth it.

I went for lunch, only to discover my favourite sushi joint is closed. I was devastated.

I did a bit of grocery shopping. I joined the library (so I can borrow the book required for this). I saw a movie. I joined facebook last night. And have gotten an email from a friend of mine in the UK. She's recently engaged and I've been too slack to email her congrats. Which I have done now. (*Hi Katy*)

Tomorrow sees Phish out of water. I'll be in the mountains. Doing a hike. And God I am so excited. I haven't been bush for so long. And I used to live in the country.

Sunday... Maybe pick up some more groceries. I generally do it in one go in the car, or two (maybe three) hits if I'm walking my groceries home, so need two hits this week.

Monday... Maybe catch a movie. I still want to see Transformers (again), Die Hard and Chuck and Larry.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been hear for a while - I have been a bit out of it really.. Did you see Hot Fuzz (the movie) - I really recommend it if you didn't. Have a nice day in the boondocks, - I hope nothing eats yer!!

Pie said...

Yay for four-day weekends! Unfortunately the seem to go too quick. We have a bank holiday next week so three day weekend for all.

I prefer Facebook to MySpace at the moment, I'll bung a link onto my page soon if I haven't already.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Damn...I would KILL for a friggin' three day weekend right now! I came thisclose to calling in sick today (just because I didn't get to bed until 2 AM) but I didn't. Here it is, 7:34 and my ass is seriously dragging.

And my favorite sushi joint was actually shut down by health inspectors. Rumor has it, they found dog meat in the fridge.

Excuse me while I retch...


I so love to go to films too. When I was doing community nursing and could re schedule a client, I would need a mental health day, I would go to the cinema for a matinee and lose myself in a film and barrel of popcorn. I never do that anymore- I should.
Enjoy your time off but the bush in Australia? We may never see you again!

Anonymous said...

I have a great weekend!

I can't wait to see the Borne movie. Transformers was sooo good... I want to see it again too! Chuck and Larry was funny, but somewhat disappointing. I laughed through it, but at the end... it faded away. :-(

I think I will be taking a lone trip to see Borne. It is so liberating and yet somewhat depressing at the same time. :-P eh.

Anonymous said...
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Jenny! said...

Have fun! That sounds like a busy weekend! I just joined Facebook and I am so clueless as how ot work it!

jali said...

I'm glad you have lot 'o plans since that means we'll have lots to read about next week!

We started a book group at work - I love it (since I don't have to write an effin' 500 word essay - you guys are nuts!)since I'm reading authors I NEVER would have picked up without the assignment from the group.

jali said...

Note on Hot Fuzz:


RAFFI said...

i love hiking. i actually did a post on it once. as for the movies, transformers and chuck/larry were okay, but die hard was pitiful (in my opinion). maybe i just loved the first two that this one just had to suck. have a nice wknd.

Alexiev said...


Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Anonymous said...

I think Alexiev is a fuckin freak - what say we go and kick him?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hey! You’ve had a full weekend already!

Are you gonna borrow “House of Whores and People Who Get Drunk With Ducks”?

Anonymous said...

I think you should email Fingers and ask him for some of his peverse dvds, since you've got some time up your sleeve!

Have fun Phish - nothing like a hair cut and four days to sleep in. I want to see Die Hard too! Ah, how can Bruce Willis be such a donkey's arse off the screen - but such a treat ON the screen weilding weapons and a sneer? Go figure.

oestrebunny said...

I loved die hard and transformers...but especially die hard.

4 day weekend - I wish :(

unique_stephen said...

Don't let kitty know you haven't been bush for awhile. She seams to be pretty picky about girls making sure they are keeping up their skills in that sort of thing.

Jay said...

I will think of your mountainous adventures tomorrow - have fun!

Mel said...

I dread the days when uni is finished and a four day weekend is an anomaly and not a weekly occurrence. *sigh*

Enjoy your time off Phishy.

Josh said...

I am sorry for your Sushi loss. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, movies and sleepins.

Love a long weekend - Bring on APEC (haha to all not living/working in Sydney in a few weeks.)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I do want to see the new Die Hard film.
I enjoy Long weekends, I feel we never quite get enough rest with just two days off.

Kitty said...

My favourite food in the world is sushi!!! Leave the lezzo jokes out of this I be serious!

I always get my sushi from a place called Sushi Sushi here in Melbourne. It's a shopping mall 'chain' and it has to be the best sushi I ever had. That includes flash LA restaurants and all that. Sushi Sushi is great.

I sat down in a sushi bar once in Venice Beach Los Angeles and found myself staring at Tom Hanks on the other side of the bar. He flashed us all warm smile and a bit of a nod, my girlfriend and I were thrilled.

Luckily he left soon after we arrived and I could eat without doing the 'big star in my line of vision' expression. It's the same expression you have when you are in an elevator with two other people and someone farts and you're trying to look like you can't smell it, while also trying to decide who did it and trying not to look like you did it yourself. You know? It's pretty busy.

phishez_rule said...

Mutley - I've never seen Hot Fuzz, but I've heard great reviews.

Pie - I like facebook too. It really does work.

Stacy - give yourself a three day weekend. Take a random friday off.

Uber - been there, got back safely. As you may have guessed from the new post.

Kelly - I love going to see movies by myself. I find it more liberating than depressing. You know, after you've done it 10 times or so.

Jenny - I'm still trying to look around.

Jali - I have about four posts half drafted so that I can produce some quality shite for y'all

Raffi - doesn't it have the hot Mac Guy in it? If it sucks I'll just admire the mancandy.

Alexi - um. Hi.

Mutley - *whispers* who is he?

Nick - I've never heard of that. Is it even a real book?

Betty - I have enough perverse DVDs of my own thanks.

Oestre - I grew up with Transformers. And the Die Hard trilogy are my favourite action movies ever.

Stephen - I have'nt had a bush to explore for a while. Maybe that's my problem.

Jay - Oh, I did.

Mel - it is very hard to accept. In my last semester of uni I had one class every second week. Attendance optional.

Josh - I can't wait for that weekend. Going to see snow patrol.

Ingsoc - I had mixed thoughts about it, but have heard generally good things.

Kitty - check out tomodachi in Melb Central. That was the restaurant I went to. And its the best sushi I've ever had.
And I'm so jealous about you getting to see Tom Hanks.